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I offer private, personally customized programs to fit the needs of your dog and your family. This include flexible scheduling, follow up notes, and continued support of all materials  covered for the life of your dog.    

With our Manners and Behavior Modification Programs your dog will learn to give you the behaviors you want, while gaining confidence in himself. I use scientifically proven techniques that teach you how to communicate you your dog exactly what you want him to do which reduces stress and builds confidence!  
Our Puppy Prep program helps you and puppy get off on the right foot! Includes Potty Training and proper socialization for puppy! By the end of the program, you will have acquired all the skills needed to guide your puppy into becoming an amazing adult dog!  

Is your family expecting a new baby?! These changes can be stressful for your pup! Let me help you prepare your dog and home for this new and exciting phase of life. With all that comes with becoming a new parent, having your dog know what you want from them helps relieve that extra stress for everyone!  
Along with being a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, I am also a licensed presenter for The Family Dog. This is a specialized program specifically directed at families with young children, grade school and younger. This program covers everything from basic manners to how the children can help train and learn to interact appropriately, respect the dog’s space,  and play fun games that helps your dog learn to play appropriately with them. All this together keeps both the dog and the children safe!  
Wise Dog Training is a positive reinforcement, force-free, do no harm company that uses science proven techniques to train your dog with the brain, not brawn! This will help you  and your pet form a beautiful bond based on trust and respect! I’m excited to show you all about it!

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