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There are, unfortunately, never any guarantees when it comes to Genealogical research and record retrieval. Record availability varies depending on time and place, so the record you hope to find may or may not exist, or access may be restricted by local law. Complex research problems often require a lot of time to solve.


The Skeleton Whisperer offers a variety of services specifically for individuals want to learn about their family history or preserve their family's past.

Do you have family members who lived or died in Southern California?  I can help you locate and obtain copies of records which aren't online yet; whether you want to find out when they lived here from city directories, find a photo of them in a school yearbook, or need their obituary to continue your research, or need a vital record in a hurry.

Are you part of a Genealogical or Historical Society that provides educational content to its members? Are you a business that wants to provide a fun lunch-and-learn opportunity to your employees? I speak on a variety of topics! 

Have you been researching your family but are now stuck on a tricky problem?  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed to figure out the next steps in your research. I offer coaching sessions where we review what you already know and make a list of new research avenues.

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