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Matt Hennager Guitar Lessons.... Accomplished, and professionally educated & trained.  A graduate with top honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology. Mentored under numerous renowned guitar players around the world the past 28 years.

Matt has been sharing his skills as a teacher of playing guitar for the last 22 years.  He has helped teach beginners, and helped accomplished guitar players strengthen their skills in playing.

Matt has a unique quality in the patience he shows each student.  He has a background in all types of playing guitar. He teaches Rock, Metal, Blues, Pop, Classical, R & R, Country, Finger Picking, Surf, Rhythm Playing, Improvisation, Funk, and many other styles. 

Matt also teaches Sight Reading, Music Theory, Song Writing, Rhythm Guitar, & Music School Prep. 

Matt is available by appointment only.

Matt offers private studio time, private in home lessons, or online lessons. 

For those that enroll in online classes, Matt is offering DOUBLE CASH BACK BENEFITS !!!!!


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