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NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, the professional organization behind this remarkably effective technique. The procedure named after it focuses on the C-1 vertebra, also known as the atlas. This small vertebra surrounds the brain stem and connects the base of the skull to the spinal column. Your entire physical balance is dictated by the relationship of the atlas to the skull. While individual misalignments lower down can certainly have a variety of effects on your health and wellness, if the alignment of the atlas is even the tinest bit off-kilter, everything below it will be too. A misaligned atlas sets the stage for the entire body to be thrown off balance, creating muscular strain, joint wear, headaches, and pain in the weight-bearing joints. To make matters worse, nerve signal disruption at the atlas level can affect every physical system in the body, causing or contributing to an endless list of chronic ailments.

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