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My Story

For 30 years, my mother and I owned a boutique in Switzerland with mostly exclusive, playful, eccentric European designer fashion clothing. Most of our designers were little known European artists, many of whom we knew personally. Often they would consider our design preferences. Many of our pieces even were unique because they were "prototypes" that were never mass produced.

I loved my boutique and I loved my job as I found great satisfaction and exhileration in advising and helping women of all ages, styles and sizes to look exceptionally gorgeous. But due to a combination of health issues, the passing of my mom and significant changes in the industry, I was forced to close the store in 2009. At that time, I surprised myself when we did inventory for the move and counted many thousand items of clothing, fashion jewlery, antique jewlery, underwear, corsets, beach wear and accessories.

Not knowing what to do with it, my husband suggested that we container everything to our second home in Iowa and set up store here.
All our items are new in the sense of unused/unworn and mostly with original tags (where they did not fall off during multiple relocations) but some of them have since become vintage. 

Hence the name Treasure Trove. The name speaks for itself. Picture an abandoned paradise (my beloved store) with hidden troves (rows of densly stacked clothes racks hidden in a dark basement) and unexpected treasures surfacing as you get yourself lost in the myriads of never before seen treasures. A little dusting off, a small bribe to slip by the guard (who will give you Cashback benefits for it), and the treasure is yours...!

If you are looking for very rare, i.e. unique, brand-new vintage (a paradox?) European designer clothes at a steal, and you don't mind a bit of musty treasure smell and dust, then you've come to the right place. Expect to dry clean your garment before use. But I can almost 100% guarantee you that you will never encounter another woman wearing the same dress... :-)

Any questions, please ask.

I carry the following brands:

Clothes, Dresses, etc.:
Anita Sommer, Batiste, Sigrid Guggemoos, Caty Lesca, Cire, Collection Lou, Comedia, Versace, Fuego Women, Helena Sorel; Xena, Sorelle Rasta, Pause Café, Gian Franco Ferre; Heise; Sara Miller, Marilu, Oltre, Ribes Rosso, Je Suis by Rachel Pappo; L & F Creation; Lauren Vidal, Leiko, Verde Veronica, Louise Della, Madame Zaza, Positano, Ljiljana, Na Und? Design Ludwig Lehner, Moventi, Motivi, Parakian, Verena, Tramo, Pret-a-Porter

Ball Gowns
Landa Ciré, Sewira, Loralie Original, Eden Bridals

Sexy Underwear
Marlies Dekkers UNdressed, Aubade, Lejaby, Nina Ricci, Parah, Ravage, Valery, Luna di Seta, MariJo, Marjolaine, Milesia, Rayure, Regent

Bustiers (under and over wear)

Fashion Jewelry
Swarovski, Saint Ives Geneve, Yves St. Laurent, az Collecione, Valentino Bijoux, Bijoux Cascio, Oscar Charlin, Creation Selection, Schiavon Venezia, Fiorini Oreste, Monet, Jewel Crest; Gioiello di Firenze, LERU, MYLU, PCH, Studio GI, Stanley Hagler N.Y.C, Louis Féraud Bijoux, Vogue Bijoux, Wendy Gell, R&M Paris, RJ Wagner

Antique Jewelry (German WWII and former GDR)
MaX Müller, Weiss

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