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A simple blood test can determine if you are low or imbalanced in essential hormones. An incredible number of people suffer from this and it keeps them from enjoying their life to its fullest.

It's estimated at least 30% of men have low testosterone. Not only can it affect sex drive and performance, it also can lead to depression, sleep disorders, mental fuzziness, and a variety of other troubles.

Most of us understand many women deal with hormonal imbalances as well. The number of them with low testosterone and imbalances in estrogen and progesterone is substantial and it can ruin their quality of life.

At Prime Body we have the solution. An inexpensive blood test, which is quite extensive in its scope, can identify the imbalanced levels. Once the test is completed the expert health professionals at Prime Body will determine the best course of treatment and will discuss the recommendations with the local doctor who (assuming they agree with the assessment) will write the prescription for the treatment. A Prime Body consultant will contact the patient and discuss the findings, the blood test, and the proposed treatment plan. If the patient agrees and wants to get started then a monthly supply of hormones are paid for and shipped (this generated the benefits). The patient will receive a monthly shipment so they can conveniently self-administer the hormones, and enjoy the benefits of hormone optimization!

Every step of the way Prime Body professionals and consultants are there to ensure the maximum benefit to the patient. They are available for assistance at all times. By going on the monthly program not only does the patient achieve tremendous results, but additionally all follow-up testing and consultations are included in the monthly amount.

Self-administration is BY FAR the most convenient way to receive hormone replacement. With Prime Body there is no need to be tied to your doctor's office. You can bring your medications with you and administer them in the comfort of your own home or while you're traveling. We've shown thousands of people how easy and painless it is to administer the hormones themselves.

Cost-effficient, convenient, and most importantly EFFECTIVE...Prime Body is the way of the future. We are excited to bring this.

If you do not have a local Prime Body affiliated doctor, but know a doctor who may like to be a part of this revolution, please have them contact us right away. We need more locations to help serve more people! We offer a nice "finder's fee" for a doctor's referral as a thank-you!

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