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Make sure your business is prepared for new security standards
Dear Business Owner,
Understand The Problem: High-profile data breaches have spurred the adoption of new credit card security measures, with microchip-enabled cards—referred to as EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) the new standard.
Know The Facts: Many businesses must make system/equipment upgrades and other changes to be able to accept the new cards, all by October 1st 2015. Any merchant that is presented with a chip card but processes the purchase using the card’s less-secure magnetic strip instead of the chip technology will be financially responsible if the transaction is fraudulent. This includes fines of up to $50,000 per occurrence and the merchant may be required to provide 10 years of credit protection to the card holder.
U.S. card fraud losses are projected to total $7.5 billion in 2015 according to financial analysts. Merchants could face high risks if they aren’t prepared to accept EMV cards. Take the steps below to get your business ready for EMV compliance:
Assess Your Options: While you may need only basic equipment to get EMV-ready, this transition would be a good time to make other enhancements. As you assess your needs, keep in mind that any mobile devices you use to process payments will need updates as well. If you handle transactions from handheld devices on the shop floor or at remote locations, include these in your upgrade plans. For example, you might explore near-field communication (NFC) technology to support digital wallets such as Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™.
Find A Solution: HEAL Global Legacy (HGL) offers benefits for all its merchants. HGL has EMV-compliant terminals, mobile readers, tablets devices and digital wallet-NFC technology to support Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™. HGL can customize all merchants business needs and secure payment processing solutions seamlessly integrated into ones business.
HGL offers free rate checkups, since many businesses are paying far more than necessary in processing fees. HGL has knowledgeable staff ready to meet with your controller to discuss savings in processing fees. As well, HGL will assist your company meet EMV compliance requirments.

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