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We offer the finest permanent floral and plant products in the world. From hotel lobbies to celebrity homes, we have been designing with the highest quality products to produce exquisite designs for over 30 years. From flowers to orchid plants, large green plants to beautiful vases and containers, Botaniks can provide beautiful designs that bring the outdoor to any interior environment. When quality meets great prices, and when that is offered with the shopping benefits, the shopper is truly getting the best benefits. Our goal is to create a long term relationship with our clients. All our work in the past has been through word of mouth, and now that we are becoming part of the shopping network we feel that we can continue that goal to create such relationships. In our experience as a new SME in the family, there is an energy of sharing  and giving. Botanics, LLC is proud to belong to such a community and we look forward to serving your decor needs.


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