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“SMILE though your heart is aching…” starts the beautiful and famous Charlie Chaplin classic.  Well, you can’t if your teeth are breaking!  So, we’re here to help you. You’ve come to the right website. Welcome!

Dr. ABC believes that a smile starts from within. 

Yes, we do Cosmetic dentistry, but only after a good foundation of healthy teeth, gums, and bones.  So our priority is to ensure this foundation - Functional Dentistry - you must agree.

We are committed to providing our patents with information that helps them make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.  Dental education is part of the dental chair experience.  

Here at ABC Dental, we encourage regular semi-annual check-ups and maintenance as an integral part of Preventive Dentistry for every one of our patients, including those without any major dental issues.

Exams:  Comprehensive, focused and periodic

X-rays : Panoramic, Bitewing, digital

Desensitization (hypersensitivity) Fluoride Treatment (adult and children)

Self  Care  Instructions: Oral Hygiene, Post-op care, prescription

Sealants – Cavity prevention

Periodontics - Gums and bones

Perio Protect 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic teeth covering: Porcelain, Veneers, Acrylic Snap-On

Composite Fillings  

Enameloplasty – Clear Aligners, Braces

Teeth Whitening

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