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Payroll Specialties Inc.  provides comprehensive payroll, payroll tax, and human resource services with expertise and affordability that allow you to grow your business while we manage the paper work.

Our clients range from restaurateurs to construction professionals and accountants to large complex medical practices. We leverage the diversity of our clients, value our understanding of their specific needs and deliver unsurpassed personal and tailored services that consistently exceed client expectations. 

The cornerstone of our service is only a phone call away. Our payroll specialists are dedicated to giving our clients one-on-one attention. They get the answers you need quickly - without having to repeat yourself. Each payroll specialist is part of a processing group. If your assigned payroll specialist is out of the office for any reason, a back-up specialist will handle your call. This person is either a supervisor who knows your account or another specialist who is part of your processing group. 
We have software available for you to input data directly to our systems through a secure site on the Internet. You may also submit payroll data by fax or phone. This allows Payroll Specialties Inc.  to check and double check the information ensuring a high degree of accuracy.
Whether you employ someone in your home or run a multi-state business with several hundred employees, Payroll Specialties Inc. delivers appropriate and adaptable payroll solutions. Our expertise, execution and flexibility make us the choice solution for businesses in search of an alternative to their existing Payroll and Payroll Tax Service. 
To assist you in this transition or to discuss how best we may serve your evolving business needs please contact us.

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