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Sectors. Business Consulting, House, Home & Office, Sales Areas: National and International

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Chad Vincent is a marketing consultant and he created this business to showcase the innovative products that are made everyday by amazing inventors. At  A1 Global Marketing, he believes in promoting businesses big and small. Residing in Lodi, California, he enjoys every chance he gets to travel to expos around the country promoting innovative products. One of his product was invented by his father whom he has every pleasure to introduce here:

Now Featuring: LIFESAVER
is a device anyone can use to escape from buildings.

Why use LifeSaver? During a fire or emergency, there's no escape thru smoke-filled hallways or earthquake-damaged elevators, and jumping from floors higher than 2-storey can be fatal. This product has gone thru all relevant tests. The user can depend on this product the same way NASA and BOEING had depended on the inventor's  designs. For more info visit www.1globalsolutions.com

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