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Life can be tough for individuals who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation.  If you are one of the thousands who live with these conditions your options are limited when it comes to safe treatment.  For most people, medication or painful injections are their only choice of pain relief.  Many people continue to live with the pain because of the dangerous side effects nearly all drugs represent.

 Laser therapy is the only course of treatment that actually stimulates the body to heal from within.  Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body and absorbed by the injured cells.  The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism.  This results in increased circulation from the body, an anti-inflammatory reaction, relief from pain and acceleration of the healing process.


Laser therapy has been found to offer superior healing and pain relieving effects compared to other electrotherapeutic modalities, especially in the early stages of acute injuries, and for chronic problems.

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