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One common problem facing us as Business owners, executives, or operators is that we don’t know what we don’t know.  Technology is growing so rapidly that it’s very hard to keep up to date on all the latest and the greatest.  We hear that if we’re not doing mobile that we’re losing money now.  If we don’t do Social our competitor will dominate.  Whether it’s a website, and offer, a marketing campaign, the list of required technologies to run our business today is almost endless: SEO, Social, Mobile, Blog, Apps, SMS and on and on.

BizzBlizz has built a solid foundation for developing solutions that help your business leverage their technology investments, whether it’s because they’re using an existing piece of software or because you’re adopting a new one.  It’s obvious that  single company can’t do everything well, so why try?  Instead, we built a solid core of services, for example … we built a payment solution that will keep you from getting into trouble because someone steals your credit cards – use our services and your liability is on someone else, and it’s secure, and it’s something you don’t have to think about.

Indeed, that is what we, BizzBlizz, bring to the table.  The ability to let us worry about solving your technical problems so you can focus on your business.   Do you need an entry-level site built?  We can do that.  Do you need a full enterprise portal done?  We do that as well.  We don’t do all the work, of course, but our partners have used our base services to insure that they can move quickly and that they do so knowing that as your business needs to grow, we have the solution that will grow with you.

Remember that last time someone convinced you to build a blog and a social page?  Remember how quickly you realized it was impossible to keep that content fresh?  Don’t worry, we have affordable content services.  Professional, accurate and relevant.  We work with companies that adhere to our standards.  Now let’s face it, there will be times when someone hires the wrong copy writer, we have processes in place to insure that when something is not working properly that your concerns are addressed appropriately and efficiently.

Need graphic design?  Anything from a small logo to full video production.  Whether your budget is $10 dollars or $10,000 or $100,000 … our team works with you to coordinate the appropriate resources to deliver what you need.  Now let’s agree that “what you need” is indeed the biggest problem we face because we don’t really know what technology we need; we know what result we want, but we have no clue if one technology or another will do.  And in fact, seldom do we care how something gets accomplished at those levels – we don’t want to worry about that.

Do you want to build your own affiliate network?  Pay commissions?  Send payments?  How about sending your clients invoices that can be paid with a simple click?  All these services run on Enterprise-Class infrastructure in our data centers.  From our CEO to our IT techs, we hire the cream of the crop.  People who have been running massive systems for massive corporations.  And whether you need an inexpensive storage solution, or the latest and greatest Solid State Storage array, we have the partnerships to deliver this to you as a service – this helps you conserve capital and use operational funds the way they’re supposed to be used … remember the old adage, “if it appreciates buy; if it depreciates lease” … BizzBlizz allows you to do that with technology platforms both hardware and software.

You will find that our services are adaptable to almost any budget.  Let us build your next website.  Maybe you need a page for a product launch, or a marketing campaign.  Our email services can fulfill even the most demanding of volumes.  Need analytics?  We track everything.  Ask the question, we’ll build the report you need to answer it.  Not tracking the right things yet?  No problem our tracking system learns.   It wouldn’t be intelligence if it didn’t.

Want to manage your own site? sure!  Want us to manage it for you? great.  Want to write your own content?  Perfect.  Need us to keep it fresh?  We’re on it. 

BizzBlizz does not often sell direct to the public, you won’t find “buy now” buttons on, you’ll find descriptions of our technology and the company.    And we have incredible affiliate programs to supplement opportunities that may fall outside of traditional scope.

We offer tools for: managing members, managing content, payments, affiliates, websites, mobile, social, and any kind of campaign you can imagine including running advertisements and PR for you.  We can build you your company’s letterhead or a full spectrum online presence including help with your Intellectual Property protection strategies and implementation.


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