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Enjoy dramatic improvements in the look and feel of your skin with these German-formulated, High Performing Serums. Intensive, yet non-toxic ingredient ratios are used for exquisite results, utilizing the best in new technologies. Touche is an addendum line that is easily incorporated into any skin care regime. Natural ingredients Vitamin C, Caviar, Collagen, Licorice, Aloe Vera, and Lactic Acid are married with powerful peptide and age-less complexes that rebuild collagen, reduce wrinkles, soften and plump, and smooth & soothe!

Marine Collagen Serum:   Hydration, Protection, Plumps Fine Lines.

This luxurious blend of ingredients couples nature and science to effortlessly reduce trans-epidermal water loss and provide a non-occlusive protective barrier from the environment. Instantly plumps up fine lines with superior hydration for all skin types.

Lifting Serum: Powerful Vitamin C & Peptide Complexes, Firms, Reduces Wrinkles.

This unique, dramatic Peptide and Vitamin C serum provides the best of science and nature to lift, smooth and firm mature skin. Immediate visual effects support the long term benefits when used consistently. Reduces  and helps prevent wrinkles!

Caviar Serum: Nourishment, Essential Fatty Acids, For Dry and/or Damaged Skin.

A nourishing biotic caviar extract charged with vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, formulated to safeguard skin’s supple nature against oxidative free-radical damage. Supports skin structure while rejuvenating and smoothing texture for damaged or mature skin.

Revitalizing Serum: Mare's Milk, Lactic Acid, Enzymes Remove Dead Skin without Irritation.

Nutrient and lactic-rich Mare’s Milk couples with pineapple and papaya enzymes to smooth, renew and fortify stressed skin and reduce the look of wrinkles.

Oxygen Serum:  Reduces Breakout, Detoxifies and Stimulates.

The ultimate oxygen carrier, this serum contains Fiflow®, the same protein used to capture and transport oxygen through-out the body, mimicking the function of hemoglobin. Stimulates circulation while discouraging bacteria growth. For stressed, sallow and acneic skin.

Lightening Serum: Effective against Hyperpigmentation Spots, Brightens.

A carefully balanced formula intended to lighten and brighten skin, noticeably reducing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C and cutting edge ingredients combine to give the maximum potency attainable without Hydroquinone.

Soothing Serum: Reduces Dark Circles, Under Eye Puffiness and Sensitive Skin.

Designed with Aloe, Cucumber and Licorice to treat and relieve issues consistent with sensitive and irritated skin.  A roll-on applicator engages the lymphatic system for unparalleled circulatory support and skin firming. Great for combating under-eye  puffiness and discoloration.

Day Moisturizer: SPF 15 – Full Spectrum Protection Finishing Layer (Not available in Canada)

Nutrient and antioxidant-rich with Green Tea, Cucumber, pink Micro -Algae, Pomegranate and Rosemary for a luxurious but light moisturizer.

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