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For those who want to hear the television better, partake in a conversation or hear noises at a distance, a personal sound amplifier may be the key to helping you hear better than average. Even though they are a small device, they amplify the noises around you. was created by Board Certified Doctors of Audiology to provide new and exciting digital technology to those individuals that although not hearing aid candidates still wanted some hearing help.

Dr. Albert F. Turri graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in social sciences.  He enrolled in USF's graduate school. But his speech therapy ambitions abruptly changed after taking a required course in its "sister" profession audiology. Dr. Turri changed his major, graduating with a Master of Science degree in audiology in 2001.

Dr. Turri received his doctorate in audiology from the School of Audiology at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

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