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Food for Health International is redefining the contract manufacturing of raw ingredients and finished goods. With Protective Processing and Targeted Microbial Killsteps, we keep nature’s pure nutrients alive. We suspend complete nutrition at full potency, maintaining the taste, aroma, and color only nature can create.

Food for Health provides total customer satisfaction. From product concept to distribution, we offer full turnkey manufacturing solutions, or a myriad of services in between. We easily tailor our services to meet your company’s specific needs.

With pure, living ingredients and manufacturing expertise, Food for Health can accelerate your product’s speed to market, reduce cost of goods, and keep your business; let us help you capture market share and increase your bottom line with ingredients and products that perform as nature intended.  We offer products and foods that can help in any emergency including solar generators.  Our foods have a 20 year shelf life.  Perfect for any disaters or just bringing for camping.  Delicious and easy to prepare.  Just add water.  When that emergency happens you will be ready.  We also offer vitamin suppliments and healthy alternatives to candy.  healthy bars and nutritonal powders.  

Activz, found in over 700 stores nationwide, is whole-food nutrition, simplified. Activz is a natural products company devoted to providing “food actives” – the living, bioactive nutrition of whole foods – in the most convenient forms possible, all while retaining 100% whole-food integrity.  We can offer a healthy alternative to most foods you are buying that contain additives that aren't good for you.  

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With PowderPure and everRAW technologies, our powders retain the enzymes and phytonutrients of freshly harvested crops at full potency for up to 3 years. That is why our raw powders are virtually identical to the original fruits, vegetables and grasses in color, aroma, taste and nutrition.  You need to taste the difference.

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