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Alternative Financial Consulting has the ability to generate additional sales using a barter solution. The resulting trade credits can be used to offset existing cash expenses or to increase cash sales. Trade transactions should never displace cash sales. Barter transactions are a means to an end; in the final analysis the world runs on cash. Products and services that are sold through the trade exchange use AFC trade dollars as the medium of exchange. AFC manages the exchange, handles the accounting, issues statements, extends credit lines, markets products and can serve as a buyer’s agent. Functionally AFC operates somewhat like a credit card company or a bank.

According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA, the Industry Association): “the World Trade Organization estimates that 15% or $8.43 billion of the $5.62 trillion in international trade is conducted on a non-cash basis. IRTA estimates the 2009/2010 industry trade volume was $12.0 billion.”

Alternative Financial Consulting has the capability of interacting with other companies in the Modern Trade and Barter Industry, both across the Country and around the world. The management of AFC has over 30 years experience in the Industry. We are well positioned to present innovative ways for members to improve their bottom line by increasing sales and offsetting cash expenses. Many members use barter as a way of maintaining their personal lifestyle, thereby freeing cash to remain in their business endeavors.

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