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•We offer a Clean protein supplement called Muscle Fuse. It is a 100% whey protein isolate that can be used to replace a meal, to build muscle, to lose fat. We also offer Coaching and Meal Plans. The meal plans vary according to your goal: weight loss or muscle building. We do monthly measurements to see progress and to help create small new habits that are attainable to you. It is bio-Individual which means we coach according to your body type.
•We measure your body composition. We don't use a scale, we use an ultrasound intelametrix body fat scanning machine that is very accurate and visually shows you results. We measure fat loss, muscle, and much more! Call us to see if this is the right program for you. Studies show that having an accountability coach is important for long term lifestyle goals.  This is not a diet plan but instead a way of life.

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