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Tamara Younker is a Certified Mediator, Certified Coach Practitioner and Access Consciousness® Facilitator who has worked with hundreds of clients around the world facilitating the change they seek in their lives.  Sessions are intended for you to discover what obstructs your ability to create the change you seek, so you can generate your life as you desire it.  Unlock where you’re functioning from defense, opposition and separation, which then opens the door to greater choice and possibility.  Learn practical tools that will increase your awareness, so you live less at the effect of the world around you.  Disengage from the limitations that seem to keep you stuck, and dissolve layers of unconsciousness so living becomes more ease and less effort, more flow and less figuring it out, more being-and-receiving and less do-to-get.   Know what it is to live from you true power and potency, to change and transform anything in your life you desire.

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