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WhiteShield is a natural, flavorless powder, packaged like a sweetener or creamer, which you stir into coffee or tea, hot or cold.  The only product of its kind, WhiteShield, is a unique patented formula that stops stains from the very first cup, thus eliminating any future stains.  With continued use, WhiteShield begins to gently remove existing stains.  By neutralizing the staining molecules in coffee and tea, WhiteShield actually works while you are drinking your beverage.  It is safe for you and your teeth, and contains no gluten, no dairy, no nuts and no calories.  WhiteShield does not alter your coffee or tea experience.  It dissolves completely and quickly and does not change the taste, color, consistency or aroma of your coffee or tea.  WhiteShield is convenient and simple to use, as well as affordable (less than 40 cents per serving) and effective (noticeable results within 3-6 weeks).  Get whiter teeth with every cup of coffee or tea!

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