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Our Pest Control Programs provide treatment for  insects. The programs include: Pest Treatment, Protection, Preventative Measures.

Services are provided for a specific period of time accordingly. Each property serviced will receive an initial treatment which provides an intensive application for the interior portion of the location as well as the exterior of the property. If you are not looking for a regular maintenance program, McDonald Pest Control offers many other alternative methods and services. We have a program and the service to fit your needs.

Individualized Designed Pest Control Treatments and Programs

McDonald Pest Control prices each location individually. You do not pay for services that you do not need. We do not believe in over treating and using excessive chemicals. We evaluate each location and create an individual program that is designed to treat the needs of your home or business.

McDonald Pest Control understands that varying industries have different pest management needs and those needs require special consideration in treatment solutions. That’s why McDonald Pest Control targets pest control for each business individually. No matter if your business is large or small; our commercial service team will work with you to tailor your pest management plan to address your needs.

Many businesses prefer a comprehensive pest management plan, while some have a persistent pest problem which is limited to just a single type of pest. Either way, McDonald Pest Control will develop a program based on your  needs.

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