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Alpha CRT (Close Range Tactical) is a close quarter combat Self Defense System. We employ unique concepts and techniques that I've acquired during during  over 38 years of study in numerous martial arts systems. These techniques and concepts have been tried, tested, and proven effective in "Real World" altercations by average people with limited or no previous martial arts training.  

Alpha CRT was created to help one attain a state of TRUE proficiency in Self Defense and is NOT designed for sport! The system I teach is much faster to learn and become proficient in than other forms of self defense.  All martial arts have merit, but few focus on what's really effective in real life situations!  Most systems have big impressive men that have studied those systems for years to promote their art form. We however live in a very diverse world made up of normal every day people like you and me who work for a living and have families to provide for.  Maybe you don’t have 15 years to learn a complete system. You may only have enough time to focus on effective techniques that will work to save your life or the life of another when a crisis arises. If this is what you're looking for, Alpha CRT is for you! 

We utilize a scientific approach that focuses on basics, angles, structure and common sense. This no- nonsense approach allows one to EXCEL in training and not become frustrated and quit before reaching a state of proficiency.

Private and group instruction is available.  Call for fee structure.  661.241-0032
Craig H.

Alpha CRT is also a Gift Card Point of Sale Location in Bakersfield, CA. We service the Community by providing Gift Cards to members. 

We encourage you to contact us in advance fro stock availability to assure the cards you want are available. 

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