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Mold remediation/mitigation is our specialty. When someone calls for mold clean-up it is generally because someone is sick from a mold problem. We are able to treat even the worst mold problem within hours not days or weeks and make a sick building usable very quickly. We use a system of treatment that will purify the air in a building even before the physical mold growth has been removed. Our system employs an extremely effective fumigation process that neutralizes the airborne contaminates upon contact and neutralizes any living growing mold that is present in the treated area. After the initial treatment, we will do the physical removal and clean up which is usually the time consuming aspect of the mitigation process.

We have been in the construction field both residential and commercial since 1980 and have concentrated our efforts on kitchen and bathroom renovations. We are able to do every phase of the renovation. We are licensed, bonded and insured to 1Mil.  as General Contractor including Water Damage Restoration.

Our territory includes Washington State, North Idaho and North West Montana.

Contact us thru the System to consult about all aspects of a Mold problem or for your desired construction needs.

We employ a special dry carpet cleaning system called “Host” and are available in our area to clean residential and commercial carpet jobs. Host uses no water in its cleaning and leaves virtually no residue. Host can claim that it will remove mold spores and dust mites. It is very deep cleaning and leaves your carpet like new as possible.

If you are interested in keeping yourself healthy, we would like to introduce you to a little known Healthy Cooking System that we promote to those that have become sick from mold and other life traumas. It will give nutrition that is lost in the usual methods of preparing cooked foods. Ask us and we will share information about it. 

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