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We carry a large selection of Healthier E-Cigarettes, E-Vapors & E-Liquids. We carry latest brands and offer a wide variety of E-Cigarettes & E- Vapors.  We also carry novelty jewelry from C.Z. Earrings and small Diamond stud earrings.  We have novelty watches up to Casio Watches, bling watches as well.  We offer novelty gifts like college and NFL themed gifts.


If you gotta puff, puff healthier with our line of E-Cigarettes & E-Vapors. Your friends will love you for it, your family as well, but most of all, you wil thank yourself for years to come breathing healthier.


We are located in the Smiths Shopping Center in Southern Highlands.


Hours: 7 Days week- 9 am- 8pm

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