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What If the Highest Part Of Your Brain Could Be Energized for Greater Joy, Increased Rejuvenation, Better Relationships, Higher Confidence, and More Abundance…”

“Humans must prepare for a momentous leap…it is not merely a transition to a new level of existence but a start of a new ‘movement’ in the symphony of human history.” - Dr. Claire Graves

You know every day doesn’t have to feel like you’re stuck in just one recycled day after another, right?

So many of us go through each day reacting to our families, our neighbors, our bosses, our clients…

We snap at those who are most important to us. We react out of anger, guilt, or spite. Trying to keep it all together for appearances but still feeling as if we are spiraling into a frustrated and sad existence. Hoping for a real world solution while not sure exactly what we’re unhappy about.

Here’s The Good News …

You can literally say goodbye to overwhelm, stress, and listlessness.

Imagine for a moment …


  • What if you could wake up excited and leap out of bed to face your day?
  • What if you could stop responding to the people who drive you crazy?
  • What if you had the courage to take the leap of faith to finally showcase your purpose?

You’d be able to fulfill contribute to the planet. You could effectively change lives just by being in a different energy state. Your life would be magnificent!

Your ‘higher brain’ is where passion, purpose, and bliss live.

Higher Brain Living ® (or HBL for short) breaks the long standing patterns of stress, worry, and fear that ruin your ability to enjoy your life.

Higher Brain Living ® will dissolve that gigantic brain block you’ve been carrying around with you for so long. In fact, this simple yet revolutionary technique can put all those experiences in your rear view mirror.

Once that block is released you can truly move forward in your life. What you dream about becomes your reality.

Whether you’re new to personal growth or a seasoned change agent for the planet, Higher Brain Living ® has been making a massive impact across the globe.

This personal transformation is unsurpassed by any other technique. (In fact, many people report that HBL enhances other healing & meditation modalities.) The shifts in people’s lives are so remarkable, we know it’s time to introduce HBL to the rest of the world in a big way.


If Higher Brain Living® Is New To You,
Let Me Explain How It Works…

Imagine getting the same mental benefits that Tibetan monks (who’ve meditated their entire lives) receive…in only a few strategic Higher Brain Living Sessions. (There are studies with measured brain waves to support this claim.)

You see, humans are born with an incredible brain that has brought us all kinds of advances in society. Because of millions of years of evolution, we actually have a lower brain and a higher brain.

Now the lower brain is our “survival brain.” Its job is to keep us safe and secure, so it doesn’t like change. It files experiences away and matches them up to previous experiences.

Unfortunately the lower brain’s “fight or flight” mechanism also can keep us locked in repetitive and often destructive behaviors.

Because of the lower brain, we experience fear and stress as a protection against something that could harm us.

In ancient times, the lower brain may have been protecting us from a saber tooth tiger, starvation, or some other life-threatening condition. Today, we get the same instinctual feeling when faced with mounting bills we can’t pay, relationship demands, and job dissatisfaction.

Lower brain thinking and behavior just keeps us where we’re at, hindering enlightenment and evolution. In fact lower brain activity is one of the key factors that sabotages our efforts at personal growth!

It’s not the lower brain’s fault…it was designed to keep us out of harm’s way. It’s always in “survival” mode.

Studies show that without assistance, we only
use about 5% of our higher brain’s potential.

(The prefrontal cortex is also known as the higher brain.)

This is the very area that helps us rejuvenate, feel inner calm, and discover our own purpose in life. Sadly most of us spend our lives largely trapped in our lower brains while unimaginable potential awaits…

After a lifetime of practical and applied research, Dr. Michael Cotton has cracked the code on the revolutionary technique called Higher Brain Living. HBL frees us from our fear-based, lower brains through a surge of energy to the higher brain. This approach is so unique and revolutionary, other physical, psychological or spiritual practices don’t come close.

But more than just a physiological change, HBL also offers the methodology and insight to create a lifelong map toward limitless and meaningful personal growth.

It’s profound how quickly your mind wants to stay in that higher brain state once it’s been anchored. Change happens very fast.

HBL is an upgrade to your mental software. It’s a step-by-step blueprint of how to turn on your own higher brain yourself. Once you flick that switch to surge your higher brain with energy, you can start mapping out the new life you’ve always dreamed of…without limits!

Finally, You’ll Learn How To …


  • Dissolve self-limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for years
  • Gain instant clarity about where you want to be in life
  • Experience a remarkable surge in problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Enjoy a surge of uploaded energy in your Higher Brain, where true transformation lives
  • Share ideas with a community of like-minded people committed to the HBL revolution and change on this planet
  • Enhance your spiritual practice and personal peace
  • Significantly enhance your meditation, exercise, yoga, and other self-care activities
  • Achieve greater results, faster, in your business and in your relationships
  • Learn about how to grow a business FAST for one of the hottest revelations in wellness
  • Be the change you want to see in the world

NOTE: You must attend a live presentation, or view a video of one, prior to starting sessions, so you have a context for the work.

Contact us at 479-981-1048, or e-mail

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