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In this powerful program you will learn:

How to audit proof yourself, How to maximize travel deductions' When you need to file estimated taxes, All about your automobile deductions, Hiring your spouse and children, The documents you need for your entertainment deductions, What paperwork you need to save and for how long, Your home office deductions, And more.

We will discuss basic accounting and bookkeeping techniques to organize your life effortlessly.

You will move into greater understanding of prosperity and become increasingly receptive to abundance.

Learn how to be an Excellent Steward of Your Money.

If you’re like most of my clients, you are self employed, You love doing what you do but hate managing your money, and you blissfully/secretly stuff all your receipts in a draw until April 13th when you decide to get serious about preparing for your taxes.

By Meira Findel, the Holistic Accountant of the Total Financial Makeover; the Mary Poppins of finances.

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