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Schedule your Special  -  "Detailed Consultation, Full Exam with a 30 min Massage only $57".  When booking your appointment please let the staff know your a Member. Our Main Office Hours: Tue, Wed & Fri 9am-1pm and 3pm-730pm. Call now for an appointment (510) 895-2500.

"Lose up to a Pound a Day" with our easy to do Doctor Supervised Detox Weightloss Program. Each plan is customized to fit your needs for what you need to lose the weight in days not months. Schedule your Nutritional Consultation now (510)895-2500

Rejuvenate You Wellness Spa Special - "Driven to help people have healthy skin: You'll receive a In-depth Consultation, Skin Scanning Analysis with a 60 min Facial only $50". When booking your appointment please let the staff know your a Member. Spa Facial Hours: Mon & Thurs 12-8pm, Tue & Wed 6-8pm and Saturdays. All by Appointment Only. Call now for an appointment (510) 895-2510 or visit our Spa Website and book online at

Our Rub Club and Spa Club Special - For people who like to get Massage and or Facials on a regular basis and save. Customize base plans to fit your individual wants and needs.

Rub Club Base Plans - 

2  30min Massages a month for $59.95 saves $20

2  60min Massages a month for $119.95 saves $30

Spa Club Base Plans -

Rotating Treatments Monthly  1 60min Facial or 1 60min Massage each month $59 saves $20

Get Both Treatments  1 60min Facial and 1 30min Massage $99 saves $20

Get Both Treatments  1 60min Facial and 1 60min Massage $119 saves $20

Each Club can be customized to fit your needs. May add more Massages, Detox Footbaths, Facials, Chiropractic. $20 set up fee no cancellation fee after 2 months. Call now for an appointment (510) 895-2500. May visit our Spa Website to find out more

Introducing One of Our Advanced High-tech Equipment to improve healing time:

Cold Light Laser Therapy laser therapy is used to treat acute/chronic pain, maintain wellness and improve health and may help avoid surgery for carpel tunnel, hip & knees. Laser Therapy treats over 300 conditions, used in over 3,000 medical centers and heals naturally. Call to find out more and to book your appointment.

  • Drug-Free
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Side-Effect
  • Hekps with Inflammations
  • Speeds Healing
  • Accelerates Pain Relief
  • Safe and Effective
  • Increases Joint Flexibility
  • Pain Free Treatment


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