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Merchant Solutions for Businesses
and Non-Profit Organizations
HorseDancer Consulting offers full credit card processing, POS systems, mobile payment solutions, and interfacing with websites.  Do you sell tickets through EventBrite or similar ticket sales sites?  We can provide processing with lower rates and next day deposits - imagine, getting your money every day instead of waiting until the event is over!!
Tired of the high rates with Intuit?  We offer direct plugins for QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks POS!

HorseDancer Consulting is the South Carolina Affiliate of Kerr Consulting
Products include CYMA for Windows, CYMA Not-for-Profit, Sage, TimeForce, and a host of other accounting and payroll solutions for Mid Sized Businesses and Organizations.
Certified reseller of accounting software for over 30 years.  Providing personalized installation and technical support onsite or remote connection.  Complete installation, conversion, training, and support services.
Need to custom programming? We can help!

Consultation is free, call for an appointment.

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