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Ace in the Hole Branding grows small business through branding, re-branding, strategic marketing, and brand consultation.  Our customized plans are designed to kick ace and ignite your company’s presence, sales, and growth.  Focus on what you do best while Ace handles the rest.

Branding:  Each member of our staff specializes in one aspects of branding and marketing, bringing a team of experts with incredible knowledge and experience to your individualized growth plan.  Ace understands that each company is unique and requires a specialized approach to growth.  Our goal is to eliminate the "throw spaghetti at the wall and sees what sticks" mentality.  Your custom plan is designed for YOU!

Ace Branding and Strategic Marketing services include:  

  • brand emergence 
  • rebranding 
  • brand development
  • website development and maintenance
  • customer management
  • online publications including blogs and newsletters
  • social media creation and maintenance
  • direct marketing
  • email marketing
  • strategic marketing
Ace Consulting - Ace specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who are stuck, overwhelmed, and/or transitioning to the next phase of business.  Ace consulting is a true partnership  - together, we customize a plan to exit the state of stagnancy your business is currently mired in, and we work to achieve your 3 month, 1 year, and 3 year goals.  Remember how it felt when you first started your business - the excitement, the exhilaration, the new challenges each day brought?  Imagine returning to what you truly love to do, whether it's baking pies, interacting with customers, or designing custom earrings.  Business tends to get in the way.  Ace Consulting helps you not only envision the future but get there as well!

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