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We help you reduce your taxes, using tools like self directed IRA’s or a solo 401K.  Since 1998 we have been helping investors nationwide step back into the driver’s seat to steer their retirement money into other opportunities that Wall Street doesn’t offer, such as real estate and precious metals.  In 2002, Congress blew the barn doors wide open with a new law allowing you to eliminate middlemen custodians and choose your own investments that have never been available to you before, such as residential and commercial real estate and government approved coins and bullion.  On top of this, you can legally pool your money with your spouse for more investment horsepower and you even have the ability to loan yourself up to $50,000 and use the money for anything you want.  And if your spouse has money in the plan, they have the very same privileges.  And more importantly, your money and investments are protected from creditor attacks, greedy lawsuits and even bankruptcy.

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