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CUT Fitness is a family studio where both parent and child can get a great empowering work out. You can make priceless family memories and promote a healthy lifestyle. We're not like other fitness clubs where you drop your child off in a kids center, rather we allow your children to watch and participate in classes, if they like. Parents are the example setters and if your children can see what you are doing they are more inclined to do the same. 

We offer you memories of family time spent together. Our goal is to start improving lives with health and fitness in younger generations in hopes that 10 years from now we’ll see the impact of a health based lifestyle. So if you’re looking for an exercise regimen recommended by your doctor, or a boring workout you are forced to do out of obligation, we may not be the studio for you.   But if you are looking to be a better, healthier you and look for new positive ways to bond as a family, we would love for you to join the CUT Fitness family!

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