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This is the basis and foundation of our services. Everything revolves around what we can do to dispute and remove derogatory information from your credit report. We do have a guarantee with our service that states “If we don’t get any items deleted from your credit report. We will keep $150.00 of your services cost and return the difference to you per person. This would exclude any third party fees such as credit reports or ID Guard from Equifax.” Saving My Credit Doesn't pay member benefits on any third party fee's as ID Guard or credit reports.
The process we undertake is more challenging on the front end of what we do for our clients but the end result that our clients get is unsurpassed. From the time it takes (30-45 days) to the credit score increases (averaging 25-70 points) our clients receive, what we offer is light-years ahead of the competition. We will not elongate this process by sending letters on your behalf (which can take 9 months-2 years). The credit repair we offer will be the first and last you'll need. On our Executive Credit Program we pay 3% CB & 4 SPTS. This program has a Performance Guarantee and is done in about 90 to 120 days! So we put our work on a per deletion amount based the amount of items you have to delete. 

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