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Would you make the change from bottled water to an “ISLAND PURE WATER Point of Use System” if you could END the Lifting, Injuries, Deliveries, Cleaning, Bending, Rising Cost, Storing, Weekly Invoices, Bacteria and Running OUT of water? Plus HELP the ENVIRONMENT? Of course you would—WHO WOULDN’T?

Bottled water is more than a hassle; it’s an environmental nightmare, and a national disgrace. Now is the time to replace your antiquated water system with your own point of use system of HOT and COLD purified water. We “Go Beyond Green” by not only eliminating the environmental impact of plastic bottled water, but by providing you with safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water.

We provide a convenient monthly term agreement with a price protected rental rate. Easily connects to your water source with a space age ¼” tubing for unlimited distance, delivering FRESH SQUEEZED water, at a touch of a button. Watch our informative 5 minute video at

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