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Who is SurfSafeVPN? Sun Peaks Management, Inc. owns and operated SurfSafeVPN which offers highly secure and easy to use software tools to protect and secure online ans offline data. We offer comprehensive solutions for individuals, home offices and business. Both our management and development teams are composed of seasoned professionals who have run enterprise-grade secure networks and operated business in the security and firewall industry. Products developed by our team include, banking security, satellite security and data security products. SurfSafeVPN employees have an extensive background in security, software development and IT. Some of it's employees have been involved in cryptography since the development of RSA and public key exchange. As VPN is a combination of cryptography authentication, network and firewalls, all the company's employees involved in development are knowledgeable in these fields. SurfSafeVPN has its own team of developers and network administrators

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