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The Alphabiotic Life Enhancement Program involves a significant new innovation in health care, plus wellness resources, involving the whole person that is truly revolutionary.  This program reduces days lost from work, turns on our natural healing ability, increases the use and enjoyment of leisure time, and helps making life work better at every level. It encourages us to adopt a healthier lifestyle and become more conscious of our potential.

Feel Like A Kid Again!

Alphabiotics is all about restoring and increasing your Life energy. These are a few of the life-changing benefits:

  • Stress Release and Recovery
  • Hasten inner healing process
  • Correct structural imbalances
  • Overcome depression & anxiety
  • Increase energy & strength
  • Improve physical performance
  • Increase mental concentration
  • Find peace & live in the moment
  • Live Life more balanced

Chronic Stress is a Silent Killer

Scientists now tell us that most of our physical, mental and emotional challenges are stress related!

An often overlooked fact is that pain, sickness, symptoms, and premature death come gradually over a long period of time. When confronted with a health challenge we mostly hope for some miracle drug or magic surgery to save us. All too often we simply suppress or change symptoms and give little attention to our destructive life-style and negative attitude. The old way is to take some drug or quick fix treatment for “fast relief”. There is a new way …

Alphabiotics May Be What You Are Looking For! Stress Release and Recovery!

Alphabiotics is a service profession that involves a gentle, hands-on procedure called the Unification Process. It’s a proper way to stop stress from draining your Life energy. We facilitate real change to help you attain body/mind balance where the Wisdom within your body can bring about right conditions. Without exception, improvement happens in the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardio-vascular, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, and immune systems.

We don’t presume to diagnose, heal, treat or cure. We leave that to the Wisdom within. Nothing else can do it better.

Decide if Alphabiotics is right for you! Come in for a consultation and stress evaluation.

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