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Our First Visit 
Our first cleaning visit is more like spring cleaning or perhaps “catch-up” cleaning. Before we can begin regularly scheduled cleanings of a home, there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra time and effort. There’s a big difference between “old” dirt and “new” dirt. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing new dirt isn’t going to make your home sparkle. It’s not uncommon for us to spend from four to six times longer on a first-time cleaning than it takes us on regular, repeat maintenance visit.

Throughout the House 
Perhaps no one has vacuumed/cleaned behind or beneath the sofa, beds, or small furniture for months. Shelves, baseboards, window sills, doors, blinds, and shutters are prime candidates for long periods of neglect, and may require extra time on the initial cleaning. 

Kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances usually require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints, and other dirt seem to make their way through everyone’s home and gravitate toward the kitchen. It doesn’t take long for kitchen dust to become saturated with grease, which is more difficult and time-consuming to clean than a week’s worth of ordinary surface dirt. 

We need to spend time and effort to get the shower doors, shower-door tracks, shower and bathtub surfaces, faucet fixtures, light fixtures/switches, and floors thoroughly cleaned, otherwise, these objects won’t look really clean no matter how often we visit.

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