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"Members first...everything else second".  Our Members receive Comprehensive Identity Management, Proactive Identity Safeguards and most importantly COMPLETE Identity Theft Resolution. Full Resolution products are by far the best way to protect yourself and your family. Your family is your most important asset so we protect our Member's family at no additional charge.  It's an incredible value.

When identity theft strikes we take charge, stopping the thieves cold in thier tracks and completely resolving all issues and damages whether it takes two hours or two years.  We perform full resolution for all types of identity theft and identity fraud. 

We help protect you and your family in every stage of life such as e-mail/social media account hacking, device attacks, account take overs, data breaches, document loss or theft, phishing scams, assisted living fraud, child/military/medical identity theft, estate/travel/employment identity theft, tax fraud and criminal behavior identity theft. 

Our Member Services is 24/7/365 World-Wide @888-966-GUARD (4827). Members are literally seconds away from a fraud specialist from anywhere in the world. Day or night...we've got your back, we always answer the phone. We are 100% American owned and operated.

The base product in our Program is currently protecting 17.5 million American households. It's the "white glove" product of the industry and the finest product on the market, bar none.  Our resolution department is the largest and finest in America and our Fraud Specialists have a combined 210 years of fraud knowledge and experience.  Our product is used by some of America's largest brand names. 

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, the #1 consumer complaint to the FTC annually, grows by 13% each year and victimized over 12 million Americans in 2012 alone. Scary stats...but even worse...children are 51 times more likely to be victimized than adults and over 5,000 Americans are victims of Medical Identity Theft eash day.

The average victim spends between 37-330 hours recovering their own identity, the majority of these victims failing to fully resolve the issues. Additionally, the tedious work of resolution must be done during business hours.

Thieves are more bold, proficient and growing in numbers. Recently identity thieves have changed a victim's blood type on their medical records, given birth to a baby born with illegal drugs in it's system in another "mother's" (victim's) name and forced a mother and father to declare bankruptcy for their 2 year old.

Gone are the days of simply worrying about someone using your credit card number or renting an apartment in your name. Victim's of identity theft now are literally concerned about life threatening scenarios and frantically trying to protect their families.

Our firm is proud to be a Consumer Advocate in regards to true comprehensive identity protection for individuals and families to ensure they are adequately protected...most of whom are not. Sadly, public information regarding how to protect your identity is grossly misrepresented. Our firm is attacking this misinformation and properly informing consumers.  Once educated the consumer easily chooses our Membership.

Helping those who cannot help themselves is literally the core foundation of our firm.  Afterall, we do it every minute of every day.  Guard Well has recently implemented the "Guard Well Gives Back Program" which assists charitable and non-profit organizations in reaching their donation goals while protecting the families most loyal to their organization and cause.  It's a fantastic tool which is proudly used by a growing number of American charitable and non-profit organizations each month. 

Secure, hassle-free enrollment takes less than 60 seconds via our secure company web site.  We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee (which has never been used). 

Guard Well is an Accredited Member of the BBB, A Member of the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce, is SSL Certified and is an approved Merchant with, Sparknode, PNC Bank, and American Express. 

Thank you for learning about our firm and product, we look forward to protecting you and your family from the daily attacks of identity thieves.

Sincerely yours,

The Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions Team

World-Wide Member Services @ 888-966-GUARD (4827)

Guard Well, LLC



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