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For Business, From the Start

From the day Alexander Bell invented the phone, the service has been designed for residential use, leaving business needs an afterthought. Phone 2.0 is a ground up re-thinking of how a phone service would work best for the needs of businesses. Companies stopped paying per minute for Internet a long time ago, yet most are still paying per minute for their phone service. In a globally connected world where members of a project may be split by continents, businesses are forced to still take long distance and international charges into consideration before making a call. These two things cause hesitation in small businesses and fluctuating expenses in larger ones. Phone 2.0 embraces the concept of flat-rate, unlimited, worldwide billing.

Get to Know VoiceOnyx

VoiceOnyx was established in 2006 when the founders discovered the possibilities of the newest phenomena in phone service; Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Communication is the driving force of any business and can cost a fortune. They discovered the technology of Voice Over IP could cut these costs and exceed the feature set of traditional phones. The tech-savvy team was determined to take a hand in making sure VOIP would became the future of business phone service.

So what happened from there? Years of research led to the customization of servers and systems to reliably run a world-class service for businesses across the State of Florida, large and small. Relationship building with technical alliances and the creation of a corporate culture that embraces the importance of outstanding customer service has been our mission from the start.

The result? Phone 2.0, Business Communications Evolved.

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