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Kathie Turner, The Smartest Shopper in the World- brings you LED Light Bulbs for your home or business.  A wise purchase with a 5 year warantee and a fraction of the energy cost.     Beyond  a huge discount of MSRP - you can build with the 16% towards Accounting Units and 2% Cash Back.

LED Light Bulbs can be ordered online and delivered to your home or business- so again, you benefit from the company 15%  savings and then..... the application of more cash back and loyalty rewards. Win + Win + Win = Bright Idea!

If you have a large project or commercial building, watch the video www.Kathie.TEUServices.com, and see how you can pay for the bulbs through the savings you receive immediately and every month there after through lower energy costs.

Our company offers a free survey of larger commercial projects and provides you with a proposal calculating the cost and return on investment analysis to determine the viability of the upgrade.

Everyday you don't do this is expensive.

This makes sense regardless- but with the vehicle- it is brilliant!  Call for more details!


Kathie Turner

Turner Energy Group


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