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For the last 20-plus years, I have studied with ancient teachers who are Prophetic Masters. They understand consciousness and how starting with our connection to consciousness first will change our lives. I love sharing the more profound teachings of all the masters I studied in The Spirit of Conscious Divine Guidance. After many years of distractions to what I love the most, I began to see my true discovery of what I am most passionate about. I am very passionate about helping others create a life they Love. To create a different life, there is letting go of the old! There are a lot of struggles in letting go and healing from doing activities that we thought were in our highest good but then realized they were actually a distraction to what is truly our passions.

Starting with Consciousness begins with the subtle energy of The Divine Connection within us. Learning how to become familiar with this state of fully being present is to know thy connection to our Divinity and to be familiar with our thoughts. Our thoughts have the power to change our energy; our energy changes our relationships as we connect to this Unified Field of Consciousness. I’ll share this concept with my fans who are ready to let go of the past to create their new future. Our future starts with Our Consciousness! Are you aware of your old unconscious thought patterns and conditioned responses? Are you ready to tap into a space that is Sacred and pure? Come explore how to make the shifts in Consciousness to become the person you were meant to BE. May Peace and Love be Upon You always in your journey to self-discovery! 


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