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Through the use of various healing techniques I can provide a gentler option to healthcare that results in long lasting health improvements. I use techniques that provide a safe and effective way for the total being to heal.

Through energy healing the results you can expect are:

Quicker healing of injuries such as sprains, strains, and wounds.

A happier mood and less stress caused by pain.

An absence of anxiety due to you leaving or other external factors.

Increased movement of sore joints and ability to go up and down stairs again.

Increased longevity and quality of life for your most loved companion.

Distance healing is making up a growing percentage of my practice as I become increasingly known across the world. Distance healing also has the added benefit of not stressing your pet out further by taking them to an unfamiliar place. They can receive the healing while they are relaxing comfortably in their own home. For my local AZ clients on-site sessions are available.

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