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Pain Neutralization Technique is manual technique that uses simple neurological reflexes to treat

trigger points that are associated with any muscle or joint pain condition.  It is based on the Clasp

Knife Reflex (also called Golgi Tendon Organ Reflex) principles which is a defensive reflex protecting

our muscles from injury.


An example of this reflex is when you try to flex your biceps with a dumbbell or weight heavier than

what your arm can handle which will result in the arm giving away, which is a protective mechanism to prevent those muscles from a tear.


PNT intentionally triggers this reflex in the muscle where a tender trigger point is present.  It uses a

specific stimulation, vector, and pressure by hand to activate the clasp knife reflex.  When stimulated

the once tense band of muscles will immediately relax and lose its tenderness.  This in turn might help to

resolve long term symptoms that were caused or exacerbated by that trigger point.

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