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We make the world a better place with Frank Landrey's books, audio books, products, and personalized consulting. Build your Piggy Banks with Frank's great value in reading and listening materials. Find out how to lower your golf scores with Frank's book, True Tales of College Golf, and by utilizing Coach Landrey's Teaching Mirror (see the web site for details). Always buy the DVD with a free golf lesson as well as the instructions on how to use and reuse the Teaching Mirror.  For those Liberty Loving Patriots (they can be golfers too), Frank has been called a "New World Order" historian. The book, A Statist Spy Tells All, will bring you up to speed on the number of previous privately owned central banks like the Federal Reserve Bank as well as presidents who fought and derailed previous privately owned central banks. Diabolical Deeds, the audio version of the book, A Statist Spy Tells All, will entertain you while it educates your family on dangers ahead. 


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