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Understanding your own physiology, psychology and anatomy are critical to the healing process.  We specialize in individualized treatments using a variety of Natural Therapies, Services & Products to treat a wide spectrum of illness & chronic disease.  We emphasize healing without drugs to facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Improves the ability of cells to detoxify, repairs, and regenerate.

SCENAR THERAPY - Pain relief

BOTANICAL MEDICINE - Medicinal herbs used as tinctures, dried herbal teas or encapsulated botanicals including topical oils or salves for healing

NUTRITIONAL IV THERAPY - Improves the ability of cells to detoxify, repair, and regenerate.

Noemi Quintanar, N.D., is a board certified, licensed physician in the State of Arizona.  Her goal is to use as few treatments as possible and strives to use treatment modalities for a short time as possible to achieve your health goals.

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