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We offer our clients the highest quality Chicken, Pork and Beef along with the ultimate in personalized service while still offering the best value!


Lakeview Supermarket & Deli is the premier provider of superior meats, including the finest USDA Choice & Prime Beef, while also providing the ultimate in personalized client services including customized packaging, custom cuts, purchase counseling and individual menu planning.

The quality of Lakeview’s beef is quite simply the best available. Lakeview carries Stockyard’s Angus Beef, served in 8 of 10 of America’s Best steakhouses. Stockyards is rarely found in retail stores and is normally only found in great casinos and fine restaurants. Along with Stockyards we also carry Swift 1855 Brand Black Angus Beef, Creekstone Farms Angus Beef. This beef is the best that Swift and Creekstone have to offer and like Stockyards is hand-selected and aged before it is ever sent out.

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