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Welcome to Revitalize! Health Spa & Organic Store, Kennewick, WA … Creating a Better You!

$65 pain relief session- If we don’t lessen the pain, you don’t pay. A few state-of-the-art technologies & unique offerings!

Alkalize- Kangen Water
Bach Flower
Biofeedback- Life System
BMI- body mass scan
Cleaning-natural household cleaners
Dead Sea products
Ear Candles
EMF protection
Essential oils
Foot Detox
Gluten Free section
Hair Analysis
Himalayan salt lamp
Homeopathic Imprinter
Ionic  toothbrushes
Leather rocking chairs
Lotus lamps
Magnetic sleep system
Massage equipment
Mineral Makeup
Miracle Noodles-0 Calorie, 0 Net Carb, Gluten Free
Neti pots
Oxygenation- Chi
Pain Relief- Avazzia, laser
Parasite Neutralization
Reflexology equipment
Sauna- FarInfrared Sauna
Steam Detox
Tanning- Sunsplash Vitamin D Tanning
Walden Farms
Water Purification- for home, ponds and pools- Enagic Kangen, Grander Water
Weight Loss- Ideal Protein, hCG, Solo Slim, Protica, Raspberry Ketones


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