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Pain Relief- FDA cleared device for your medicine chest. Don’t band-aid, alleviate. Have your doctor write a script & your insurance cover it- Avazzia

Anti-Aging, Microcurrent Facial Device, Electrodermal Beauty, eZZI Lift for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffy eyes, sagging skin, cellulite, age spots

Measure free radicals/aldehydes- Revelar

Soft Level Laser

EIS Electro Interstitial Scanner

Biofeedback- LIFE System, SCIO, EPFX, QXCI, Core

Magnetic Resonance

Water Massage equipment- Solajet

HTE devices- Chi machine, Hothouse dome, ERE reflexology

Steam canopy- Steamy Wonder

Himalayan salt lamps- guaranteed for sleeping & snoring

EMF protection- GIA & Bio Pro chips for cell phones, computers

Grander Water Technology- create “living water,” negate added chlorine, eliminate need for chlorine in spas, pools, ponds or cleaning fish tanks & aquariums

Alkalize your water!  Kangen System, Enagic

FarInfrared Saunas & full body domes- Life Sauna, Solo Dome

Parasite Neutralizer

SCENAR, electrodes

TENS pads

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