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Asphalt paving, seal & repair

We offer 4% On services up to $5,000. and 9% On seamless infrared asphalt repairs


Asphalt Protectors, Inc. is a highly regarded 25 year old asphalt paving & sealant company. We thrive on being known as a full service asphalt paving business with a big emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality products. Some of our services include new paving, repair, maintenance, seal coating, crack filling, and line striping. Our primary clientele includes commercial, industrial, government, and homeowner associations.

 The seamless asphalt repair uses infrared technology to reheat existing asphalt to a maleable state so that it can be reworked and reused. During the process the reheated asphalt is loosened up, new asphalt and rejuvenating oils are added to replace what has been lost in the aging process, then finish raked and compacted to yield a brand new surface. It only takes up to 30 minutes to give you a permanent repair. The best part is that these small repairs are very inexpensive.

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