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As a business owner, Brent truly understands the needs, goals, desires, and concerns of his clients as they enter the process of selling or buying a business. Why do I need a Business Appraisal? When I’m ready to sell, will I be ready and will I get the most for my Business?

Appraisals are very often invaluable. When Prompt and qualified valuation services are needed, my knowledge and experiences can be of great value. Determining the value of a business is the first step in the process of selling a business. A formal valuation performed by an experienced business appraiser will determine the fair market value of your company. A valuation will prepare you to respond to buyer concerns by addressing your company’s value and risk drivers. It will also identify sources of value and areas of your business that can be improved. In addition, knowing the fair market value of your business will prepare you to be a better negotiator.

Complete an Independent third-party professional valuation on your company.

Use that valuation to get your business pre-approved for a business loan that a buyer can assume if they qualify.

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