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Dr. Shelby-Lane, board certified anti-aging and functional medicine physician, also  known as the “AgelessDoctor”, addresses your health and healing for the  body, mind & spirit.  Her Prescription:  Optimal Health.

If you want to stay young, healthy and live longer, or if you have health challenges & problems that have been difficult to diagnose and solve, a medical assessment with Dr. Shelby-Lane is just what you need.

Your health concerns may include heart disease & prevention, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, toxins, adrenal and thyroid disorders, weight management, memory and brain health, autoimmune disorders, fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Medical cannabis certifications are also available.

Get a personalized treatment regimen to optimize your health and get you back on track.  We also offer health coaching and online educational programs.

Dr. Shelby-Lane’s approach to investigating your health and medical condition(s) includes a detailed history, health questionnaires, a lab assist analysis, and a 3D scanner.   These diagnostic tests help pinpoint your specific health problems.

Dr. Shelby-Lane combines conventional & natural therapies. You receive a complete medical and lifestyle assessment.

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